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If you don’t believe in magic then you’ve never spent a week exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area. I lived in San Francisco for 10 exciting years and in the East Bay since then.

Beth Carson, publisher and editor of Vacation Rental Travels Magazine gave me the assignment to write an article covering a San Francisco vacation rental. Vacation Rental Travels features a desirable property and gives eight or nine activities that guests can experience while staying there.

The first thing is to find an owner who needs the publicity, apparently, not all want the exposure. I  look for properties with open calendars next year. I’ll contact one owner a day until someone says yes. Beth Carson, the editor has the final approval of featured place.

Then we need to find a time for me to go to San Francisco to stay in the apartment and take pictures, if necessary. The owner is expected to comp those nights I am there for research.   I know how to and promise to be the perfect guest. I live in Walnut Creek, just a bridge and tunnel away. My flexibility is strong so I can get into the city at a time when the rental would otherwise be empty…

I am posting this to give property managers an idea of the scope of the project. Contact forms have limited characters to explain the request.

This is an exciting assignment for an exciting city. I’m looking forward to introducing my favorite sites to visitors.