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  • Someone used our credit card to buy toys at the Target store near San Juan P.R. at the same time our plane was taking off.
  • Someone purchased $800 worth of goods in Campeche, Mexico, 600 miles away from where we were staying. Wells Fargo, rightly, shut down our account.
  • A friend told me the story of how someone stayed in their hotel room for a couple of nights after they checked out. It was a hassle convincing the hotel that indeed, her brother did not stay in the room and indeed, they would not pay for those nights.

I need your help.

Have you followed all the rules such as:

  1. let your credit card company know you are traveling and where,
  2. kept all your cards in the hotel safe,
  3. not carried your wallet in your back pocket,
  4. used your money belt properly,

and still been the victim of fraud while traveling?

Please tell me your story. I would like to write an article about how to outsmart the thieves and I need more than three stories. What happened and how would you avoid being ripped off next time?

Thank you, in advance, for helping.