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On seeing “Live Jazz” on a sandwich board outside the Main Street Station Restaurant we lurched to a stop and discussed our options. The cold bit our cheeks this early November night and we wanted to make a decision to stay or move on, quickly. Always interested in live music, my husband and I looked at the menu to see if it would be worth going in.

At first glance Guerneville, CA is a sleepy little town, far from metropolitan music scenes of San Francisco or Oakland.

Jimmy came out to see if we needed any help. “Live music at 7, 9, and 11,” he said and ushered us in.  I had a light supper of asparagus and water cress on a cream sauce along with a nice pour of Rodney Strong sauvignon blanc and Owen had a piece of Lasagna.   The usual Guerneville weekend crown of gays, families of all ages and couples relaxed for thin crust pizza, seasonal fare, and drinks.

At 7:00 the bell sounds of Yancy Taylor’s vibraphone took over. The members of this trio are clearly accomplished professionals and we enjoyed a terrific set. Since it was the first weekend of the month the trio of Yancy Taylor, Greg Hester on piano and a bass player who I’m having trouble identifying, played from the Great American Song book. For those of you who don’t know a vibraphone, a more sophisticated xylophone type instrument. The two should not be confused. All this being said; the music was enchanting.  A couple of infants were in with their families and we didn’t hear a peep out of them.

Requests are encouraged. Mr. Hester played an exceptional Let’s Fall in Love that included rifts, runs, and improvisation on the melody.

After our meal, we moved to one of the couches close to the performers.   A couple seated next to our couch invited me to set my glass of wine down on their table.

“I’ve been coming up here since the 50’s when my dad bought a place for us to come to on the weekends” Dave, the husband said. “I still live in the city and still come out here on weekends. You wouldn’t believe the changes I’ve seen over the years.”  That, dear reader, is another story for another day.

You’ll find the Main Street Station Restaurant at 16280 Main Street, downtown Guerneville, CA 95446. The phone number is 707 869 0501. The website is: